Monday, February 27, 2012

S**t Yogis Say

Another pretty accurate depiction of yogis / yet another knockoff of S**t Girls Say.

So this video was produced by Lululemon Athletica (the unofficial uniform of yoga girls). But what I found hilarious was what a BIG DEAL people made about the presence of the Lululemon logo in every scene. I know these people were frustrated at the shameless brand marketing, but c'mon guys, the fact that the girl was wearing Lululemon apparel and drinking out of a Lululemon water bottle and laying on a Lululemon yoga mat is not too far fetched from reality. Walk into any American/Canadian yoga studio and you are bound to see that little horseshoe in at least 5,000 different places! Lululemon is the Nike of yoga -- accept it.

Now where did I put that coconut water? ::sigh::

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