Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things That No Longer Serve Me

Part to the process of becoming a yoga teacher (and normal functional human being) is giving up the things that no longer serve you. After a night of indulgence I found myself barely able to lift into Bow in this morning's yoga class. Apparently staying up to the wee hours polishing off a bottle of cabernet sauvignon last night was a poor decision. I could spend the rest of the day rationalizing "Well I was getting to know my new roommate" or "I just wanted to take the edge off... I didn't realize that I'd feel this way", but that would get me a whole lot of nowhere. In an effort to take ownership of my actions I am giving up the things that no longer serve me.

Goodbye WINE. I shall miss you deeply. But until I can learn to drink you in moderation and not every day, you and I cannot be together.

Wine will thus now join the ranks of the other foods that I have given up, including beer, coffee, dairy, and gluten. May they all rest in peace until my digestive system learns to work normally.

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