Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Share The LOVE Day


Valentines Day. What can I say?... it's usually a disappointment. Single girls everywhere mope about being alone but when they try to throw a Girls Night Out with their other single lady friends, they are thwarted by the throngs of couples that have taken over every single eating and drinking establishment. All the restaurants are full and dive bars are charging covers! It's not much better for the women who are actually in a relationship because her partner typically doesn't step up to her expectations of the perfect Valentines Day.

This year I am once again playing the role of Single Girl on Valentines Day. Since I've been spending ALL my time in a yoga studio where it's 90% women, my social dating life has ceased to exist for the last four weeks.

Luckily I also work in a yoga studio which has re-coined this day as SHARE THE LOVE DAY! All day long we will be collecting donations for the food bank and blasting love songs during class! For every person who comes to class, the studio will donate $10 to the food bank. One word: Karma. This morning's 6:30am class had TWICE as many people as normal! 

The yogis are extra smiley today and as I sit here at the desk sporting my red apparel, surrounded by grooving tunes as the class presumably begins the Surrender series of the practice, I feel a sense of peace within. I am SO grateful to spend 50 hours a week in a place that values loving yourself and giving to others. A person cannot truly be loved by another if they do not truly deeply love and value their own self.

So do yourself a favor, spend the day being the nice to yourself. You are a beautiful person and deserve to be loved.

Oh, and if you do go out tonight be sure and tip your server well ;)

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