Thursday, March 1, 2012


My house feels empty and sad. The walls are bare, the furniture displaced, and all the knicknacks which once adorned our living room are M.I.A. Gone are the yelps of an excited puppy as I walk in through the front door. Gone are the daily late-afternoon conversations about everything under the sun. The house feels... vacant.

You see, my roommate who I am very close to decided to move in with her boyfriend who was also staying with us. And she took the dog. I helped her pack up her life and watched as the van pulled out of the driveway moving them all to another world town. Obviously, I'm sad. This household played a huge role in my great transition of 2011 and it stood for something. It was my home. Now I stand in the living room and look around and it doesn't feel like home. I can only hope that my new roommates preserve the integrity of the energy of the house.

In an attempt to take advantage of the vast empty space, I planned on teaching a yoga class last night in my roommate's old bedroom. I sent out a message on Facebook inviting 26 of my closest yoga-loving (or potential yoga-loving) friends. Only a few people RSVP'd. NOBODY showed up.

What??!!! Helllooo... it's FREE yoga. Come on people!

Luckily, my other roommate who hasn't done any exercise for a year volunteered to take my class! I had a sequence of postures planned out but after the first few poses I realized that I was going to need to adjust the sequence for the audience. So I cut out alot. To date I had only taught yoga classes to people who do yoga regularly, so when I said "downward facing dog" the students immediately went there. When I said "downward dog" to my roommate, nothing happened - so I had to figure out how to cue her into the pose without taking the easy way out and showing her with my body. I could tell which cues worked and which didn't by how she readjusted her body. At the end (after a nice long savasana) she felt great!

So even though my friends flaked on a free yoga class, I still had the opportunity to grow as a teacher, and even better... my roommate can't wait to do it again! Another yoga convert. Yesssss. Sometimes I feel like a cult leader. Join yoga... it will solve ALL your problems and give you inner peace and joy... JOIN meeeee!!!... muahahahah!

at least THIS didn't happen

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  1. Yep, you're going to have to adjust for those of us who don't know the yoga names and for mixed classes where some do and some don't. At the zen and zin class I took, the instructor seemed to give the details so that everyone, even me, knew the pose, even if I couldn't actually achieve it!
    This is a good lesson for you to learn!