Friday, February 17, 2012

A Social What...?

On today's episode of "I don't have a social life", I get burned out.

There once was a time when I coined the term "Santa Rosa Socialite" to describe myself. I gallivanted through the town every night, knew everyone, and was aware of at least 20 different shows/activities going on at any given time. And then teacher training started and I fell off the edge of the planet. THE END.

As much as I enjoy spending every single second of my life at the yoga studio, I reallllly miss my non-yogi friends! LUCKILY we little teacher trainees FINALLY get a weekend off!!!! woot woot! That means starting at 1pm on Saturday I will not have to do or think about yoga until 6am Monday morning. YAAAAY!

As you can see, I am burned out. Not having a single day off or weekend night free in over a month finally got to me. It's a bad sign to get burned out on your new career path before it even starts. That's why, effective as of last night, I am taking full advantage of my new found freedom! I hit up Happy Hour (even the name makes me smile) with two lady friends from my old desk job. For 4 hours. No joke. Then we rode to one of the girl's houses and met up with her neighbors and made more cocktails! Around 10pm we all jumped on bikes and rode like the badass bike gang we are all over the city and finally stormed my house. My BFF showed up from Santa Barbara and we kicked it with her until I passed out.

So here I now lay snuggled on the couch in front of the heater, belly full of a delicious breakfast (veggie egg scramble on gluten-free bread thankyouverymuch), excited that I have the whole day to play - that is until 5pm when I have to go to work again..


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    1. Melanie...ignore my 'too funny' comment on this post. I meant to put it on your post for 'i am not man' but things jumped around when I hit publish!