Friday, February 10, 2012

You know YOGA has taken over your life when...

1. Your personal bookshelf resembles the Self-Help section of Barnes and Noble.

2. You weren't watching someone's pose during class - they merely fell into your drishti.

3. You've created a Krishna Das station on Pandora.

4. Unless you are forced to dress up for work or you are going on a date, yoga clothes are they only thing you wear EVER.

5. When a friend has a problem you tell them to meditate on it.

6. When invited to a dinner party with non-yogis, you are met with disapproving frowns when you explain ALL of your dietary restrictions.

7. You don't eat one or more of the following: meat, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, anything processed.

8. You acknowledge that all styles of yoga are beneficial, but you secretly know the yoga style that YOU practice is the best.

9. You find yourself quoting Eckhart Tolle.

10. Not only do you have a favorite yoga teacher, but you can also recommend an acupuncturist, nutritionist, and life coach.

11. At least one item in your wardrobe is from Lululemon.

12. You subconsciously take Tree and Eagle pose while standing in line at the grocery store.

13. You believe that ALL of the world's problems would be solved in everyone just stayed in the present.

14. People complement your posture daily.

15. You've forgotten what it's like to wear shoes.

16. Along with death penalty and abortion, you list the recent yoga video by Equinox high on the list of Controversial Issues.

17. When the word "dinosaur" is mentioned, you immediately think of a T-Rex doing Chaturanga and then you burst into giggles.

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