Thursday, April 19, 2012


One by one each of my body parts are going on strike. After taking a fall on my mountain bike one year ago, my right shoulder and right wrist haven't been the same. It's made getting into Wheel pose really wonky.

Last week my right foot was stomped on by an overzealous bouquet-catcher wearing stilettos at my friend Erin's wedding. On Sunday I messed up my left knee in Ashtanga class. And today I realized that my left shoulder was giving me problems!
alignment... oh yeahhhh

Therefore, today seemed like a PERFECT day to hit up a Viniyoga class!

I've mentioned before that as part of my Yoga Teacher Training we are required to try different styles of yoga and compare them to Power Vinyasa Yoga.

After an hour-and-a-half class I really didn't see many similarities between Viniyoga and Power Yoga other than that they both use props for modifications. Viniyoga appears to be 'roll around on your back yoga'. When athletes claim that yoga is too easy, this may be what they are referring too.

The class started and ended on the floor with a few standing poses thrown in. Viniyoga is all about making microscopic changes to your pose alignment to adjust for injury, etc. The teacher even showed me how to make Child's Pose easier on my shoulder - awesome!

I liked the teacher, I liked the studio, and afterwards I felt so relaxed I almost fell asleep! But Viniyoga is way too mellow for me so for now I'll stick to Power Yoga thankyouverymuch.

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