Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Falling Asleep on Roofs and Other Weekend Tales

A common misconception is that since I work every day I don't get to have fun. This is Not.True.At.All. Take this weekend for example...

The weather was beautiful! For three whole days the stars aligned and the sun gods worked in our favor. It was 80-85 degrees with clear blue skies and a slight breeze. I feel a smile spread across my face just thinking about it!

After having a housewarming slumber party Thursday night with my BFF Larissa (she just moved here last week!!!), I woke up bright and early excited to greet the day! I had breakfast and tea in her little bungalow and then jumped on my bike and rode toward downtown.

my old garden, oh how I miss thee
As I rode through my old neighborhood, I realized how much I missed that side of town and that when I return from my next traveling stint I'm going to move back there! Feeling free feels gooooood.

I ran into my friend Patrick who was also on his bike and we made our way toward his house. He showed me his garden, a few of our friends stopped by to say hi, and THEN he gave me an egg right after it came out of the chicken! PLOP! I took the egg, rode home, made breakfast (again -- there's no shame in eating two breakfasts!) Then I went to work.

Russian River

 I got off work Saturday at 1 and made a plan to head to the river! My friend Cole came over and after spending an hour discussing which river beach to go to, we slowly made our way out there. It took a couple of trips to get out the door because we kept forgetting things and then we had to stop for beer. But it had to be good beer and it had to be canned (no glass bottles allowed on the beach!) so we stopped again. But then Cole decided he was hungry so we stopped again at the grocery store. The whole endeavor reminded me of this episode of Portlandia.

Although the river is only about 20 minutes from my house, we arrived at 4 o'clock! whoops. Luckily it was still sunny and warm!

snacky time
catching some rays

We left the river as the sun was setting. I had made plans for that evening but since we didn't get home until 9pm we opted to stay in. My roommate told us there was a meteor shower so everyone in the building crawled up to the roof, where I promptly passed out. Luckily I didn't roll off!

On Sunday, my yoga studio had a booth at an Earth Day event downtown where I worked the whole day. It was a Stretch Shack where people from the streets could come in and be assisted in yoga poses. No, I don't mean street people as in homeless people... but then again, I did assist a homeless woman do yoga so there's that. But most of our stretchers were little kids -- adorable kids. So much fun!

I'm laying on the blue mat on the right :)
After cleaning up the Stretch Shack, I met my old friend Curtis, his wife, and their friends at a local brewpub for dinner. His niece has traveled the world studying and teaching yoga so I picked her brain particularly about India! She seemed to not have any trouble traveling alone through India and really loved it there! So I'm considering putting India back on my Asia travel itinerary. We shall see...

That was my work-filled weekend! How was yours? ;)

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