Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Squirrels Multiplied!

Squirrel in Bakasana (crow pose)

I shouldn't call my kids' class Squirrel Yoga, I should call it Rabbit Yoga because this week they rapidly multiplied!

Last week I had 3 students. This week I had 11 students! The kids must have enjoyed the class because a few from the first week returned and brought friends! Awe-some.

Granted the middle-schoolers were still super squirrely, but We meowed in Cat pose and moo'd in Cow pose, and I could tell that the kids really wanted to get it. I noticed that the kids squirreled, giggled, and talked the most when they couldn't figure out the pose or they felt uncomfortable. Honestly, the most success I had with getting them to focus was in Tadasana! Simply standing there, faced forward, and bringing focus to each individual body part really brought them to center.

I brought my bag-o-ambiance to decorate the classroom and during savasana I turned off all the lights. It turns out there are no windows in the classroom and my little battery-operated tea-lights don't provide much light, so it was COMPLETELY black. haha... ooops! - maybe I'd better find a lamp or Christmas lights or something!

Next week I'll simplify the practice so the poses are less twisty and more straightforward and less poses in general. I want the kids to feel empowered that they are succeeding in yoga! So next week: more balancing postures, less chaturangas, and more time on the floor. I can't wait!

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