Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Students

Remember last week when NO ONE showed up for my yoga class? As bummed as I was, something good came out of it... I got more students! After missing my class, a few of the invitees called me up and asked for private lessons. So starting this week, I'm making house calls!

My private lessons are currently free for friends, but since ALL my clients are friends - I'm still poor. Hopefully after having epiphanal experiences in my class, my friends will start recommending me and I can score some paying clients! If I plan this correctly, it should be around the time I get my certification.

I know, I know, the concept of making money teaching yoga is highly controversial. I practice karmic yoga where they say your "payment" for teaching is the joy of spreading yoga and love to others. Which is all well and good if you can pay your bills.

However, I digress. On Monday my friend Ryan came over to my house for yoga class. Yes, Ryan is a girl, so don't get too excited and think that I've started dating again. And... she lives in my ex-boyfriend's house (awkward). He will henceforth be referred to as LifeRuiner. Speaking of which, last weekend LifeRuiner tried to sneak back into my life by apologizing for an entire year of, you guessed it, ruining my life. Too bad that my forgiveness genes seem to be momentarily out of commission. Maybe meditation will jump start them back....


I also taught a private lesson to two more lady friends last night! This time I didn't use my notes and was able to remember the entire sequence with proper cueing! woot woot! Plus I assisted some of the poses! I felt really strong last night in my ability to teach a class. My students commented on how much authority I had while I spoke - awesome. My teacher will be proud. :)

I feel like I'm really a yoga teacher now and not just some hack in a teacher training program. Even though training this past weekend slowly crushed my soul and I felt completely disempowered from so much critical feedback, I feel like I'm now ready to teach a whole a full class!

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