Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bistro Time

Today started off like a typical Wednesday. I woke up at 5:30am and headed to my yoga studio to work the morning shift. I took a 75-minute Power Yoga class, came home, made tea, went for a run (actually that isn't typical... more about THAT later), took a shower, meditated, made lunch, and did my homework. But then, at 3pm, Wednesday ceased to to be normal because I went..... to work!

No, not yoga job. Not motorcycle shop job either. I found a third job! I am overjoyed because now I can finally pay all my bills! YAY! You may be wondering just WHERE I will be working. Ohhh the suspense....

My new employer is a local French Bistro. Fine Dining, here I come! Now you may be thinking "a restaurant job?! what's so exciting about that!" So I will tell you why it's exciting:

1. We're in a recession so ANY job is a GOOD job.
2. tipstiptipstipstipstips. Apparently rich folks are still eating Fois Gras and buying $70 bottles of wine (shocking, right?!). Afterall, I do live in food and wine snob Mecca Wine Country.

My big travel plans are looking more and more affordable... ::sigh of relief::

Other perks: I get a FREE meal every time I work! I completely forgot that this was standard within the food service industry. Farewell cooking for myself, I'll be eating fine French cuisine 3 nights a week.

As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!

Also, I need to become familiar with the vast wine selection, which means... I drink wine during my shift! Oh glory. Well, off I go to memorize the menu (and learn French pronunciation)!

Van Gogh liked French fine dining as well! What are the odds?...

This post is hereby dedicated to Jessica F. for getting me this job. She is an extraordinary human being and if you met her, you'd want to be friends with her too! ::BigHugs::

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