Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Africa Yoga Project

On Sunday I participated in a fundraiser for the Africa Yoga Project, an AMAZING program based in Nairobi, Kenya. The goal of the project is to empower locals to become leaders in their communities through yoga. My  studio raised over $10,000 to help continue the program and facilitate even more teacher training courses in Africa!

The morning started with a skype-in meditation session led by Francis, one of the yoga teachers in Kenya who was trained through the project. Next we watched a documentary about Africa Yoga Project featuring Margret, one of the Kenyans whose life was changed by the program. And then, guess who was there to teach the class? Why it was Margret herself! And let me tell you... she was hardcore. I had just participated in a ridiculously long bike race the day before and was ill-prepared for bootcamp. But even though my limbs were about to fall off I had a blast! Energy was high in the room especially after Paige (the creator of Africa Yoga Project) stepped in and took over teaching. At one point the entire room erupted into dance! And I'm not talking about stomping to drum beats... we were DANCING. USA-style shake your booty dancing to Michael Franti/MC Yogi.


However the best part of the day was a conversation between my yogi friend Jenna and her boyfriend who had never done yoga before.
Boyfriend: Wow, everyone here is so.... happy.
Jenna: Yeah, that's what yoga DOES.

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