Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holy Smokes... I've been busy!

Don't worry... I haven't abandoned my blog (again), I've just been soooo busy! Who knew that having three jobs, two college classes (during midterms), dance class, daily yoga, crafty projects, and a bustling social life would zap up all my free time? I sure didn't.

I'll soon be posting about all the exciting things I've been up to, so keep checking back!

In the meantime, today's daily excitement revolved around budgeting. Oh yeah, exciting. But I realized, if I want to start traveling again, I need to SAVE some dollars! Europe is squeezing its way into my grand world adventure, and the exchange rate, oh the exchange rate, causes me physical pain. Yesterday I was reading a travel blog which offered advice on budgeting and saving for eight months of travel. And no joke, the blogger posted how he saved $50,000 in the course of a year by simply cutting out extraneous expenses like going to Starbucks. Oh okay, richy rich. Obviously he didn't make just over minimum wage...

Yikes! I just reread the previous paragraph and I sound... bitter. Ha. Well, maybe I'm a teensy bit bitter. But rather than dwell on that, my solution is to save save save, and actually spend LESS than I make! Is it possible? Please say yes! And is going to help me out! Several of my friends swear by it.  
This is my first budget EVER. Wish me luck!

Then I can live in a hostel again! YAY.

Laguna Camp hostel in Mancora, Peru

La Casa de Cecilia hostel in Mindo, Ecuador

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