Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trapped in Piura

flight to Piura
"Sometimes while traveling you get stuck in a place where you don't necessarily want to be. In this case it's because my flight arrived too late and the buses don't go to Mancora at this time of night. That is how I found myself in the dingy 5th floor room (or should I say "cell") of a central Piura hospedaje.
Not being able to inspect the city in daylight, I feel uncomfortable venturing into the busy city streets alone at night. What a strange time it is: 8:30pm - too early to sleep yet too late to go exploring alone. However, I must think of the perks: 1) it's warm, 2) there's a window, 3) it only costs 15 soles for the night. I need to think of this as part of the adventure. There is a reason why I have been placed in Piura and why I will arrive in Mancora tomorrow as opposed to today. There is also a reason I lost my hat - perhaps it is warming the head of a homeless person who needed the hat way more than I did. I wonder where I am going to end up?"  ----Me, July 6, 2011

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