Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday I started a new part-time job. This isn't super surprising since I've worked for at least 4 different companies in the last month since I returned home. But by far, this one is the most random... even more so than the week I worked construction. So here it is... wait for it.... I'm working at.... a motorcycle repair shop! And I build engine parts.

The company, Thunderstruck Motors, is actually pretty cool. They (I) build these boxes which convert gas engines into electric. My tasks entail stripping wires, soldering, and crimping the parts together. The tasks are monotonous but I'm try to remind myself that at least I have work. Plus it's a beautiful 45-minute bike commute along a trail!

So how does an unemployed Ecologist find herself working in a motorcycle shop? Basically my strategy for finding work is this: beg friends for jobs. I've put it out there that I will do and can do anything to pay the bills (aside from porn & prostitution of course!). The strategy as so far proved successful, although I would really love to find a job that I'm passionate about in my field.

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