Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it Heaven? Or is it Mancora?

"Warm beach with a slight breeze, sitting at a cafe on the sand eating inexpensive ceviche and drinking amazing fruit juice. I think I found heaven....
 I've often wondered what heaven would be like, and I think I found it in Mancora. Beautiful white sand beach with weather that doesn't seem to get too cold or too hot either! A perfect ocean breeze rustles through the palm trees outside my bungalow where I lie in a bed shrouded with white mosquito netting. I feel like a jungle princess. There is incredible tropical fruit and ceviche everywhere. My roommate is a very handsome Austrian man. This evening we did yoga followed by dancing salsa and cha cha cha on the lawn outside our bungalow. Later we shared a giant papaya and he made me an avocado and tomato sandwich. Afterwards we lay in hammocks beneath the night sky while playing guitar and performing sing-alongs. I have found paradise."   ---Me, July 7, 2011

I love comparing this journal entry with the last one (see previous post). The drastic differences from one day to the next. Miserable one second, ecstatic the next. It reminds us that everyday is a gift and that we must embrace it fully. Live every day like it may be your last. No regrets. It is with this mindset that I intend to dedicate this blog to everyday adventures. You don't need to leave the country to have unique experiences. Nor do you need to live vicariously through world travelers. Just open the door and look outside; there is a whole world to be explored!

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